1. Half a (sand) dollar.

  2. Hello Victoria. Light breeze, sun, sand and laughter.

  3. We drove through Forks looking for vampires and werewolves but only found Bella’s truck.

  4. How do you get perspective on a tree that is so big you can’t see the top? California Redwoods. This is the same place the Empire Strikes Back was filmed.

  5. okay. I lied. Here is one more photo from Washington’s Olympic Coast.

  6. One more from last night cuz sunsets are awesome and I love the ocean. This one is from the Oregon coastline.

  7. Minimalist coast. Olympic Peninsula Washington.

  8. Washington’s Olympic Coast is fantastic. I’m sad to leave it behind.

  9. Mt Saint Helens under an early sunrise.

  10. Sunset on the Oregon coast at Sealion Caves. Can anyone find anything more fantastic?