1. …and there’s home. Not bad. About three hours.

  2. Time for a short break on Egg Island. My favourite camp along this part of the river.

  3. Tahkini River..sort of

  4. Eagles, ravens and kingfishers haunt these cliffs.

  5. I brought supper with me for my paddle home from work. #Yukon

  6. The Oregon coast. (and my 1000th photo on instagram? Sheesh)

  7. Seaweed on the Inside Passage. Great mats of this stuff, large enough to support birds, can be seen floating on the surface.

  8. Endor #starwars

  9. Really big trees in Jedidiah National Park in Southern California

  10. Eagle flying over the waters of the Inside Passage between Port Hardy and Prince Rupert B.C. I love the north west coast.