1. The walkway of Canada Place in #Vancouver

  2. It looks like Spiderman was in downtown #Vancouver

  3. Loading docks along Burrard Inlet. #Vancouver

  4. Dinner at the airport sure looks good tonight.

  5. Looking back to #Vancouver from North Van.

  6. I love these waterfront floating houses along False Creek in #Vancouver. I’m sure there’s a name for them…

  7. Some colours of Granville Island. We ducked in and out of shops to avoid the rain. Lots of great shops to check out.

  8. Lion’s Gate Bridge on a wet Vancouver night.

  9. This strange guy has been staring at me for a while. Where the heck did I put my sword?

  10. Anvil Island Lager from Howe Sound Brewing. This bottle is going to live out in my forge when it’s empty.