1. Stormy skies over Fort Selkirk. This site is located on the #Yukon River where the Pelly River joins in. It was originally started as a trading post in the 1800’s #exploreyukon #explorecanada

  2. Trying to wake my son on the day we put the boats in was a little difficult.

  3. Loading up our gear along the Pelly River. Our nearby goal that day was Fort Selkirk. #Yukon

  4. The approach to Pelly Farm where we put our boats in the River. 300 acres of gorgeous. #Yukon #exploreyukon

  5. Hello Carmaks

  6. Our canoe is old but it’s not THAT old. #oldtown #canoe

  7. The boats impatiently waiting to be loaded.

  8. Dear Yukon River, you won’t beat me this year (Pelican 1400). - last year my camera broke.

  9. My Grandma (in white) and her sisters. She was 5’ 11” This was taken sometime in the 1920’s.

  10. Driving down the Alaska Highway in the #Yukon #exploreyukon - yup. My right front tire is mushy.